Sasbérc tour

  • 2020.09.01
  • Balázs Frics

Route length: 34 km
Total elevation: 524 m
Maximum slope: 13%
Difficulty: Advanced
Recommended bicycle type: Mountain bike, E-bike, Trekking bike

Locations, settlements involved:
Terény, Sasbérc lookout, Bokor, Kutasó, Herencsény, Cserhátsurány                            
Short tour description:
The Sasbérc Tour runs along the small Cserhát settlements North-East from Terény, including the Sasbérc lookout tower, in undulating terrain. We mostly have to cycle on asphalt roads, but due to the quality of the road, the romantic dirt road section at the end of the tour, and the forest road leading to the lookout, the use of a road bike is not recommended. If you also want to go up to the lookout, it is worth scheduling the tour for the weekend according to the opening hours of the tower.
From the centre of Terény we kick off towards Szanda, then before Szanda we turn left from the main road towards Kiskérpuszta and climb the first and largest hill towards the lookout. We will get acquainted with the most difficult slopes of our tour, even 13%, from the very beginning, where a level difference of about 270 m will have to be overcome in a ~ 5km distance. On the hilltop we make a short detour in the woods to the lookout, where a wonderful panorama unfolds in front of us from the top of the beautiful stone-built tower. From here, we continue our journey on the charming forest asphalt road to Kutasó. By touching the villages of Bokor and Kutasó, the landscape is softened while climbing the hills with lower elevations. On the way to Herencsény, a dazzling world of beautiful meadows and wooded areas unfolds before us, the natural beauty of which is spiced up by the sight of churches rising from afar. Leaving the friendly little fishing lake of Cserhátsurány, turning towards Bocskai út with a brave left bend, we escape the road traffic on a wildly romantic field and forest dirt road. Passing through the Fekete víz (Black water) and the Szanda streams, we can also expect muddy areas here and there, in exchange we return to the road to Terény in pure natural environment. Towards the end of our journey, the silhouette of the Szanda Fortress emerges in the distance, which we will be able to admire closer on another tour.

The following attractions are worth visiting in the settlements involved:

- Arany János út 31. Hrsz.: 213 „VILLAGE HOME” with the folk costume, furnishings and utensils of our ancestors
- Arany János út 50-52. Hrsz.: 288, 286„PALÓC HOME” beamed ceiling, oven with free chimney stove, wheeled well, vaulted stone cellar
- ALADÁR FÁY (1898-1963) - presentation of the painter’s artworks
- Arany János út 70. Hrsz.: 298 „EDVI-ILLÉS CAFE” HUNNIA LACE MUSEUM lace workshop
- Arany János út 74. Hrsz.: 301 „HISTORY OF ST. JOHN’S ORDER” exhibition
- Arany János út 76.. Hrsz.: 310 „THE TROUSSEAU OF A BRIDE”
- Bercsényi u. 1. „ST. ANDREW ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH” with hand-drawn bells, which is Nógrádikum
- Kossuth út 10. Hrsz.: 12 „ OPEN-REEL TAPE RECORDER MUSEUM”
- Óvoda út 5. Hrsz.: 261 „GARDEN STUDY TRAIL” with indigenous garden perennials and ornamental plants
- Petőfi út 29. Hrsz.: 428 „SUGAR HOUSE” sugar factories in Hungary, sugar products
- Mikszáth Kálmán u. „OPEN-AIR STAGE”

- It is worth entering and rolling through the cosy little one-street village.
- After the Roman Catholic Church, the ruins of the 13th-Century church in the cemetery are also worth visiting.

- Ady Endre u. 6,  - Palóc oven
- Petőfi Sándor u. 1,  - Lutheran Church

- Béke út 5,  - Church of St. Michael Archangel
- Turning off Kossuth Lajos street on the Gyürki hill – Guardian Cross of the Palóc people
- End of Akácfa út – Haraszti plain granary church
- Herencsény Spinning House
- Béke utca 4. - Statue of St. John of Nepomuk
- Dobó Katica utca – Church of King St. Stephen
- Dobó Katica út 11 – Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk
- On dirt road from the end of Szabadság út – Jópalócok guesthouse
- Jókai út- Jánossy Mansion
- Szabadság út – Simonyi Mansion
- Bocskai út 5 – Lutheran Church
- Rákóczi út 40 – Kómis guesthouse
- From the end of Dobó Katica út – Boar Lake (open between 9:00 – 17:00 o’clock)

Author: Balázs Frics