Magyarnándor tour

  • 2020.09.01
  • Balázs Frics

Route length: 26 km
Total elevation: 240 m
Maximum slope: 7%
Difficulty: Intermediate
Recommended bicycle type: Mountain bike, E-bike, Trekking bike

Locations, settlements involved:
Terény, Szanda, Szandaváralja, Magyarnándor, Mohora, Cserháthaláp
Short tour description:
The Magyarnándor tour is an introductory shorter tour along the settlements north and southwest of Terény, on asphalt road.  During the trip, we can admire Szanda Castle from a closer but frog's-eye perspective, and enjoy the unique pictorial atmosphere of the hills along the Cserhát, which shows a different face in each season. Although the tour runs on the road throughout, the use of a road bike is not recommended due to the quality of the asphalt.
From the centre of Terény we head towards Szanda, and right away, we find ourselves at the “Szanda wall” as cyclists put it, which is the only really “serious” slope of our tour. Following this short challenge we roll down to Szanda, and along the Rákóczi street we get to the hilltop in front of Szandaváralja on a longer but gentler slope than before, from where we can see the ruins of the Szanda fortress, built on a bizarre mountain peak from very near. The tour leading to the fortress also kicks off from this plateau, but this is the part of another tour. From here we roll downhill at an easy pace to Szandaváralja, all the way down to Magyarnándor, except for a shorter slope before the village. Crossing the railway, it is worth turning left, where you can approach the Great Lookout Tower (Nagy kilátó) on a dirt road with a slight ascent, from where you have a magnificent panorama of the surrounding landscape. The bottom of the lookout is an excellent resting place, and then you can roll back to the asphalt road on the same dirt road. The tower of the Magyarnándor Church is visible far from the border of the village. Getting closer, it almost forces the hikers to a stop with its beauty; it is worth taking a photo. Arriving at the central large crossroads we turn left, heading towards Mohora. From here, our journey follows a gentle hilly up and down road. In the northern part of Mohora, crossing the Black Water stream, we turn right towards Cserháthaláp, where at the southern end we will cross the Black Water again. Going towards Terény, we are approaching the end of our tour on undulating roads; meanwhile the ruins of Szada Fortress and the strangely shaped mountain peaks appear again, now a little further afield.

The following attractions are worth visiting in the settlements involved:

Arany János út 31. Hrsz.: 213. “VILLAGE HOME” with the folk costume, furnishings and utensils of our ancestors
Arany János út 50-52. Hrsz.: 288, 286„PALÓC HOME” beamed ceiling, oven with free chimney stove, wheeled well, vaulted stone cellar
ALADÁR FÁY (1898-1963) - presentation of the painter’s artworks
Arany János út 70. Hrsz.: 298 „EDVI-ILLÉS CAFE” HUNNIA LACE MUSEUM lace workshop
Arany János út 74. Hrsz.: 301 „HISTORY OF ST. JOHN’S ORDER” exhibition
Arany János út 76.. Hrsz.: 310 „THE TROUSSEAU OF A BRIDE”
Bercsényi u. 1. „ST. ANDREW ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH” with hand-drawn bells, which is Nógrádikum
Kossuth út 10. Hrsz.: 12 „ OPEN-REEL TAPE RECORDER MUSEUM”
Óvoda út 5. Hrsz.: 261 „GARDEN STUDY TRAIL” with indigenous garden perennials and ornamental plants
Petőfi út 29. Hrsz.: 428 „SUGAR HOUSE” sugar factories in Hungary, sugar products
Mikszáth Kálmán u. „OPEN-AIR STAGE”

Szanda, Szandaváralja:
Rákóczi út, Kacsapart – Chapel, built of cob, with shingle roof
Arany János út – St. Martin's Catholic Church
Szandavárala – Village Home
Szandaváralja, Dózsa György út 11 – “Market fair souvenir“ Handcraft workshop and snack bar
Szandavárlaja, Madách út 27 – Valley corner pizza workshop
Kossuth Lajos út 1-3 – Roman Catholic Church
Rézpart út -  Rézpart water reservoir
Nagy-kilátó (Great Lookout)
Kossuth Lajos utca 30. – Klári Tolnay memorial home
Rákóczi utca 25. – Ilona Mauks memorial home and park
Rákóczi út 1. – Roman Catholic Church
Rákóczi út 24. -  Lutheran Church
Kossuth út 2. - Vay-Zichy mansion
Kossuth Lajos út 14 – Roadside shrine
Petőfi Sándor u. - Dolinka - cellars
Fő út 22 – Palóc Porta guesthouse
Cserháthaláp, Fő út 54 – Nagyhaláp guesthouse

Author: Balázs Frics