Lookout tower on Prašný Hill

  • 2020.09.01
  • Admin

The Prašný Hill, which is largely deforested, rises above the village of Hrušov and has become an excellent place where** a beautiful wooden lookout tower** grew. The tower on the Prašný Hill is also part of the local educational trail.

The observation tower on the Prašný Hill is about 15 m high. At first glance, you will surely be attracted by stairs that unconventionally rise obliquely to the axis and are quite steep. However, if you overcome them, from the top you will see beautiful, almost circular views to all sides.

Most likely you will be enchanted by the view to the northwest and west, where besides the Tríbeč, Inovec and Vtáčnik mountains, you can see the distant Little Carpathians (Čertov vrch - Devil's Hill) and partly also the Low Tatras (Rakytov Hill).

The route to the lookout tower is undemanding and suitable for families with children as a pleasant trip. You can set out along the educational trail that starts in Hrušov and takes you around all the local attractions. The total length of the circular path is 6 km.

Origin: https://www.kamnavylet.sk/en/attraction/lookout-tower-on-prasny-hill